How the concept of academic research is throttling applied research

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Research-for-hire — market research, UX research, and customer research — are in peril.

How a framework for asking questions can help you solve your most burning customer questions.

You can adapt this pattern of questioning to virtually any situation to determine what’s wrong and why.

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But can we agree on what the facts are?

What is your style?

Imagine you have a bucket of the cleanest, most pure water in the world.

And neither should you (it’s bad for your health)

Stop being nice.

Most workplaces are ruled by fear.

Dashcam from Deputy Kyle Dinkheller’s patrol car

January 12, 1998.

Dr. Ari Zelmanow

I make a living asking and answering questions | Currently @Panasonic | Previously @Twitter | Defender of truth, justice, and NY Pizza |

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